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God Jul og Godt Nyttår!

Vi ønsker å takke våre gode kunder for et godt samarbeid i 2018!


Here are some of this year's news:


A new generation of our successful products

A brand new generation of our integrated cooling units EcoCooler was released this year. Our long experience helped us select the optimal components for the best possible energy efficiency.

Learn more about the NEW EcoCooler

Our extract air units with integrated heat pumps, Home Concept EcoHeater, were also renewed. With its unique versatility, it can recover the extra energy that arises when tenants shower or cook.

Learn more about the NEW EcoHeater

IV Produkt is growing

All the while we have released new products, we have also continued to grow. This year, we hired 40 new colleagues. We have also expanded and improved the efficiency of our production facilities. On top of that, we have met with more customers than ever – both out on the roads and in our Competence Center. All this will help us to produce and deliver more air handling units than ever before in 2019, while also making them even more energy efficient.

Of course, we will also continue to innovate and we hope that you will come along on our journey!


Opening hours & emergency phone, Christmas 2018

We are closed on December 24th–28th.
In case of emergencys, use these phone numbers:

Thursday December 27th:
Control systems support, 8:00–16:30, +46 470 – 75 89 00
Service, 8:00–16:30, +46 470 – 75 89 99

Friday December 28th:
Control systems support, 8:00–16:30, +46 470 – 75 89 00
Service, 8:00–16:30, +46 470 – 75 89 99


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at IV Produkt!


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